cosmetic and natural looking RESTORATIONs

If your tooth has sustained damage or has become weakened and cannot be repaired with a filling, a crown may be an option.

A crown is a cap or cover for an unhealthy tooth, restoring it to its normal shape and size. Strengthening and improving the tooth and its overall appearance.

For cracked teeth, a crown will seal and secure any cracks, limiting further damaging. Crowns can also be used to repair a tooth when there is too little of the tooth remaining to support a large filling or attach a bridge. You may opt to use it for cosmetic purposes, to cover poorly shaped or stained teeth.

We offer porcelain jacket crowns, porcelain bonded crowns and the very latest and highly cosmetic metal free crowns including  E-max crowns, Empress crowns and zirconia crowns. In addition to natural looking cosmetic crowns we can also provide gold crowns, and gold inlays. We are also able to provide precious jeweled crowns too. We can use our 3D scanner for our private and cosmetic crowns which in most cases eliminates the need for messy moulds, produces a much more accurate 3d scan of your teeth that is sent digitally to the lab and gives the option to have the crown fitted as quickly as the next day. This express service means you have the final crown fitted much more quickly reducing the chances of your natural tooth becoming damaged or inflamed as the final restoration is fitted that much more quickly.  

Bring back the smile to your face and get in touch with our team today. To book your consultation for a standard or a more natural looking cosmetic crown ,or to take advantage of our express service and latest itero 3d digital scanner, please book online or call us on 01889582080. 

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