If your tooth has sustained damaging or weakening and cannot be repaired with a filling, our specialised dentists can place a crown over it.

A crown is a cap or cover for an unhealthy tooth, restoring it to its normal shape and size. Strengthening and improving the tooth and its overall appearance is the purpose of a crown.

For cracked teeth, a crown will seal and secure any cracks, limiting further damaging. Crowns can also be used to repair a tooth when there is too little of the tooth remaining to support a large filling or attach a bridge. You may opt to use it for cosmetic purposes, to cover poorly shaped or stained teeth.

We offer porcelain jackets, porcelain bonded crowns, E-max crowns, Empress crowns, zirconia crowns, gold crowns, posts, re-cementing of crowns and gold inlay services.

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