We try to prevent extractions at great length. However, sometimes the only option is to remove the problem tooth to save you from further dental troubles. An extraction may be necessary if the tooth is damaged beyond repair. In this case, the most reliable option is to remove it to avoid any infection. We can apply root canal treatment to extract the infected pulp but if the tooth is too damaged, we will have to remove it.

Gum disease could be the possible cause of a loosened tooth being removed via tooth extraction. Or it could be that one tooth has widespread decay and has become infected as a result. Furthermore, we may need to remove teeth to assist with orthodontic treatment and give sufficient space for teeth to move into a better position.

At Avondale House Dental Practice, we have a range of safe and gentle tooth extractions options: simple, surgical and suture removal. To book a consultation, please book online or call us on 01889582080.

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