Achieve A Star Quality Smile regardless of the number of teeth you are missing

Creating a fantastic smile with the help of dentures is now a very achievable option. Here at Avondale House Dental Surgery we offer a wide range of denture options. A denture is a removable prosthesis regularly referred to as false teeth. Gone are the days where it had to be obvious you have false teeth , we have many cosmetic options available which can give you a more natural result including the finest quality individually crafted teeth and cosmetically superior base options. Our technicians can include many features including staining, changing the alignment of the teeth,even adding fillings and even gold teeth to your denture to make them look more natural.

Our partial denture option is used to replace some missing teeth whilst a complete denture is utilised when all the natural teeth are missing. We offer both standard NHS and cosmetic dentures at our cosmetic dental surgery in Rugeley. 

We know what makes a good denture and we extend our comprehensive knowledge and expertise in this field along with the knowledge and experience of our dental technicians to achieve either a standard or more cosmetic result. 

Avondale House Dental Surgery offers a full range of denture options, which includes: single full acrylic dentures, full upper and full lower dentures, partial dentures, metal (chrome) dentures, high impact ( luxene ) metal free dentures and the very latest flexi-dentures.