Teeth Whitening

helping you brighten your smile

Having stained and discoloured teeth is now be a thing of the past with our teeth whitening treatments. We offer simple stain removal and advanced tooth whitening services here at Avondale House Dental Surgery. Most people can benefit from our use of state-of-the-art teeth whitening technology to achieve the best possible results. The whitening process is a cost effective way to get brighter, whiter teeth. Our tooth whitening systems are both mild and gentle to your teeth and gums.

All of our stain removal and whitening systems offer a safe and easy way to brighten up your up smile. Our professional dentists only use the highest quality whitening systems and premium accessories that collectively produce an ideal and lasting result. We use a variety of tooth whitening systems at Avondale House Dental Surgery including BOUTIQUE , POLA and other systems. All of our systems meet the latest safety regulations.

If the thought of having old fashioned moulds and impressions is putting you off getting your teeth  whitened, for a small premium we can get your whitening trays made using our latest 3D digital scanner. Our itero 3D digital scanner does away with, the need for traditional impressions and produces a much more accurate 3d scan. This highly accurate 3D digital scan can be sent instantly to the lab, making the whole process much more pleasant and faster.

Want to start your journey towards a brighter, whiter smile ? Get in touch with our team today. To book your consultation with one of our experienced cosmetic dentists , please book online or call us on 01889582080.