Sports Guards


It’s a good idea to keep your precious teeth safe and sound while playing any sport that includes physical contact or moving objects. At Avondale House Dental Practice, we construct individual, designed to fit sports guards for patients who want that added protection. Our guards are made from a strong, pliable material which fit perfectly over your teeth and gums to effectively cushion them from damage. They can also help shield and protect your jaw, as well as other delicate areas of the face such as the lips, tongue and cheeks.

Contact sports such as football, rugby, or those which include fast-moving balls such as cricket or lacrosse, can put your teeth in an extremely vulnerable position. Our sports guards provide a reassuring protective cover, blocking teeth from being knocked out and damaged.

We provide clear, single coloured and multicoloured sports guards. To book a consultation, please book online or call us on 01889582080.