We understand that traditional braces may not suit everyone. That’s why we use Invisalign’s advanced form of brace treatment at our surgery. We are proud to bring our patients the world’s most advanced orthodontic technology which involves the use of soft, comfortable plastic aligners which overlie the surfaces of the teeth.

Invisalign is an ideal solution for patients who require slight and subtle adjustments to a few teeth to improve their smile quickly and discreetly. An added advantage of these aligners is that they are clear which makes them virtually imperceptible doing away with traditional wire systems. This enables your teeth to be straightened in a virtually invisible way.

As a patient, you will have to come in periodically to have a new retainer fitted to ensure the necessary tooth movements are taking place. The Invisalign® dental braces system functions much like traditional braces in that it shifts teeth into their correct position.

There are many benefits of having Invisalign teeth aligners. They include:

  • Not noticeable
  • More comfortable than traditional wired braces
  • More hygienic; easier to clean and brush teeth
  • Less disruptive; no cutting or scraping into gums or lips
  • Fewer visits to the dental practice